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Giulia Tramontana
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Since 2016, Liquidlogic and Groupcall have developed a strategic partnership focused on supporting and transforming the provision of core services provided by Local Authorities. Our joint expertise enables us to deliver key solutions with a wide range of benefits, cost savings and efficiencies for our customers.   

By bringing our propositions together, we can offer a full end to end solution to support the changing landscape and statutory obligations of our customers in education and social care.  

By partnering with Groupcall, Liquidlogic provides an automated solution that supports local authorities to collect and import agreed sets of data from schools (both in and out of area), for pupils they are responsible for, into the Early Years & Education System (EYES). The attendance overview at a child level enables professionals to identify patterns and trends in absences or late marks, during their day-to-day work without the need for reports. 

Users can access the enrolment dashboard from an establishment level for an overview of students, their current attendance (% and sessions), and other key characteristics such as SEN Provision and Needs, Exclusions and Free School Meals eligibility providing a dynamic reporting tool that can be used by services such as Educational Psychology (who may want to monitor children receiving SEN Support) and Attendance teams who may want to track pupils who are persistent absentees. 

Webinar Overview: March 29th, 10-11am

Section 1: How can we help support the challenge of children missing from schools? 

Local Authorities carry a huge responsibility for tracking pupil attendance and other key data to ensure a high level of service for those most at risk in our communities. The reduction in budgets and resources means that education and social care teams are becoming ever more reliant on efficient and accurate tools to support their workloads and obligations. Recent news coverage supports the requirement for systems to provide automated and aggregated pupil attendance, exclusions, SEND, FSM, LAC and other key data from schools through to social care teams at the Local Authority. 

In this session, we will explore how Liquidlogic and Groupcall work together to support these essential services. 

  • Early Intervention through joined up data and systems 
  • Introduction to Groupcall and Liquidlogic partnership 

Speakers Kelly Traverse (Liquidlogic) and Paul Palmer (Groupcall).

Section 2: The importance of joining up education and social care data 

  • The current landscape: EYES and XVault in practice 
  • The levelling up agenda: how working with Liquidlogic and Xporter supports this 
  • Safeguarding and early intervention strategies 

With guest speaker Sean Wyartt from Bristol City Council.

Section 3: How our joined solutions support central teams 

  • Removing manual processes and putting key data in the hands of the teams that need it most 
  • Working closer with schools to focus on delivering core services 

Section 4: Your feedback + Q&A 

  • Examples of other customers using Liquidlogic and Xporter 
  • Questions from the audience 

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Who are Groupcall? 

Groupcall was created back in 2001 with a passion to make things better for schools and their students. Since then, we’ve pioneered the latest home-school communication solutions, MIS system integration and data aggregation tools. And yes, our first client is still with us today. 

In 2018 Groupcall joined the Community Brands family and now offers a complete product suite that makes managing and processing data quick and easy, offers a new level of data analysis and transforms communications and payments between schools and parents. 

Who are Liquidlogic? 

Liquidlogic is the UK’s fastest growing supplier of software for local authority social care and education management services. Liquidlogic’s software is built on a modern platform which is flexible, intuitive, secure and constantly refreshed. 

Liquidlogic’s parent company is System C, a leading supplier of healthcare IT to the NHS. System C’s products include CareFlow EPR and CarePlus Child Health. System C’s solutions are installed across over 70 NHS Trusts.  

Practitioners are directly involved in the design and development of all Liquidlogic solutions. Many of our team are qualified social workers from Adults’ and Children’s services or have previously worked in the sectors that we serve. 

Liquidlogic has a track record for supporting multi-agency working, particularly with partners in health and also with care providers and the third sector. Recently voted a ‘Best Company’ by our staff, we have a track record of promoting from within. 

Which audience would benefit from this webinar? 

  • Heads of Social Services 
  • Heads of Education Services 
  • Inclusion Officers 
  • Attendance Managers 
  • Service Managers 
  • Delivery Leads for ICT 
  • IT Programme & Service Managers 
  • Digital Leads 
  • Data Managers 
  • Heads of Professional Services  

Webinar details

Delegates will get the opportunity to view the system in action. The webinar will also end with a Q&A session. This is an opportunity for you to ask our Xporter and Liquidlogic experts any questions you may have. 

Date: 29th March 2022

Time: 10:00-11:00

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