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A proud history

We are the longest standing data integration tool in the UK market with over 20 years under our belt. Xporter is providing every corner of the education market with the right data at the right time. 

Collect data from schools

MIS agnostic

We don’t have favourites, partnering with all major MIS providers gives us the expertise we need to make sure our API is the best on the market, but don’t take our word for it check out our partners and LAs testimonials.

MIS agnostic

Over 110 education partners

Our partners make our business, with over 110 EdTech software developers to choose from. If you’re a school take a look at what else you can do with your apps when integrating Xporter.

Our happy partners


“Xporter is of huge benefit to both our customers and our business. It helps us onboard schools much more quickly, with this efficiency helping us grow to our business and help more schools. Crucially it provides customers with confidence in their data sharing practices, and we couldn’t be without it.” Will Mackenzie, Director, Parents Booking, (Netmedia Ltd)


“Xporter gives CPOMS the ability to seamlessly integrate school MIS data into our application, with the data refreshed often to allow us to sync twice a day. The data scopes on Groupcall’s Xporter on Demand offering ensure CPOMS customers know exactly what data is being transferred and access can be granted/ revoked at the touch of a button. Their Manage platform gives CPOMS support technicians the tools to monitor and diagnose issues fast, and allows for cases to be raised towards Groupcall’s support team instantly if necessary. As the market leader in the field which we serve, the availability and ease of setup which Xporter provides allows us to onboard new schools rapidly.” Connor Parris, Technical Support Leader, CPOMS


“The thing we appreciate the most is the partner relationship, which has evolved a lot … immediacy is key when dealing with school data. The ability to reach out to you multiple times a day and get timely responses allows us to better help our customers in return.” Konstantina Sideri, Product Owner, Satchel


“Xporter is fantastic to both our customers and our business. It is much more than simply helping us onboard schools much more quickly. Through the various data scopes we are able to pull through via Xporter, we can really help schools understand their wellbeing data in relation to school demographics (e.g other primary schools in their local authority) and pupil demographics (e.g. by gender, race and nationality, pupil premium etc).” Andy Bate, Director, BounceTogether


“The Groupcall Xporter product is ground-breaking. When introduced, it was the only product I was aware of that provided a reliable means to automatically push data from various school management information systems (MIS) and submit securely to the Local Authority. The Xporter has since realised tremendous growth in features and controls afforded to the Local Authority on how it manages data flow from the School MIS. It has now become the total solution I needed to help me manage, from my desktop, the flow of information from our schools to the Local Authority, as and when required.”

norfolk county council

”Norfolk County Council’s ambition to provide schools with World Class ICT has been directly supported by Groupcall on a number of occasions. Together we have delivered some very exciting, leading projects that take advantage of the Xporter product combined with the Systems Interoperability Framework. We are benefiting from efficiency gains and real savings through the provision of an open interoperability architecture, which Groupcall technology has enabled, allowing new and legacy applications to simply plug in!”

warwickshire county council

“I would consider Groupcall to be one of the most supportive and pro-active companies that I have worked with over the years. They are very receptive to customer feedback and have a genuine understanding of data requirements within the education sector.”

As a Cloud provider, it’s almost impossible for us to offer any ability to pull data from Schools that have on-site servers. Groupcall provides that bridge for us, enabling us to stay completely synchronised with the School MIS system and warn when onboarding staff members are not yet ready to be onsite.

Gary Le Sueur
Managing Director at SCR Tracker

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