Connecting School Data

Solution of choice

Xporter reduces the burden on your school’s administration, makes third-party applications quicker to implement and improves data accuracy.

Safe & secure

We take security very seriously. As an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited company we adhere to strict rules in how we manage our platforms so your data is never at risk.

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Backup & support

Our support team are on hand for all of your data and connection queries.

Build schedules

Built to last

Using the latest cloud technologies, Xporter provides a secure interface to your MIS system for our trusted partners to access – once you provide them explicit permission to do so.

MIS Agnostic

Xporter supports all major UK school MIS systems and we are always striving to expand our coverage.

Apple School Manager

Through some of our partners we have joined forces to help the education sector make the most out of its data. Xporter unlocks the power of Apple School Manager, enabling schools to better manage their devices, apps and accounts.

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Got a question for our support team? You can raise a a case through this link below:

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