Xporter FAQs

You may be asking yourself, why Xporter? We’ve been working with schools, LAs and developers for over 20 years to make the most of their data. That’s why.

General FAQs

What is Xporter?

Xporter is an advanced on-demand API platform for accessing Management Information System (MIS) data within schools.

It supports multiple MIS providers, write-back with other technical and commercial benefits over the established Xporter service, already in use across approx. 20,000 schools.

What are the benefits of using Xporter?

Xporter permits you to access multiple MIS platforms through one single API.

This vastly reduces your development and maintenance for integration, whilst also saving costs from managing or subscribing to multiple MIS partner schemes.

Will I save money by using Xporter?

Yes, over 100 software suppliers already use Groupcall services for this very reason.

Is there anything I have to install?

The school may have to install or make changes to its existing Xporter service, but we support them in this process.

Which Management Information Systems (MIS) do you support?

Xporter supports all major UK MIS and subject to the breadth or each API or other officially supported integration method.

How is this different to Xporter?

Xporter produces a data file and that file is read by the relying partner at given intervals.

Xporter provides greater flexibility, resilience and more control to our partners as you can now dictate how often, how much and when to receive data as need dictates.

We offer greater value such as support for your integrated schools.

See our developer FAQs for a more comprehensive overview of the technical benefits.

Do I have to move to Xporter on Demand (XoD) if I currently use Xporter?


Existing partners can choose to migrate or continue with Xporter. Support and maintenance for partners utilising Xporter will continue as for the foreseeable future.

Developer FAQs

What is Xporter?

Xporter is an API providing JSON or XML outputs against a schools Management Information System (MIS) database, located on premise or in the cloud.

What’s the difference between the Core, Standard and Enhanced API?

Xporter will limit access to basic student and staff data from an Management Information System (MIS), with a lower query limit per 24 hours.

If you require more frequent queries and data such as parental contacts, assessment or attendance, then you will need to opt for XoD Standard or Enhanced.

A full overview of coverage is provided on the XoD web UI and do check with us if in any doubt.

Is there a sandbox?

Yes, Xporter on Demand (XoD) features a web UI for running sample queries and is backed by demo databases of available Management Information Systems (MIS).

Note that not all MIS provide integrators with a demo database.

Can you provide Single Sign On (SSO) services or user management for our software?


Groupcall can provide you with a single common interface to authenticate students, staff and even parents.

Our whitelabel Single Sign On (SSO) interface allows you to integrate once and support users logging in with school Active Directory, Office 365, Azure AD and Google Apps for Education.