Build schedules

Flexible Transfer

Xporter uses scheduled and on-demand syncing to collect school data.

Secure Storage

School data is held in secure scalable storage in the Azure Cloud

Become a Partner

Education API

Integrate your application with our powerful API to automate your data needs

Connect to all your customers’ MIS

Xporter supports all main MIS across the UK market. We work tirelessly with MIS providers to ensure coverage is always up to date and accurate. To see more information on what data we cover, please try our free, no-obligation Sandbox. You can get started and create an account by clicking the button below.

MIS Agnostic

Automate Your Workflows

On-boarding is hard. Xporter provides workflows and APIs to automate the onboarding process for new schools. Use our invitation APIs and event-driven webhooks to reduce manual steps.

Developer API

Developer API

Established and Trusted

Xporter is a well-established and trusted brand. We are already installed in over 24,000 schools in the UK, with over 100 partners and local authorities/trusts that rely on our services.

Intuitive REST API

We have worked hard to provide an intuitive JSON based interface that avoids a lot of the complexities inherent in education data so you can focus on your product.

GDPR Controls

We have engineered detailed and robust GDPR controls to enable you to define what scopes of data are applicable to your applications and give schools the control they need on consent for their data subjects.


Our dedicated service team will take care of school onboarding and technical support, helping to explain any queries you may have during setup and dealing directly with school MIS connection issues.

MIS Connectors

✗ Heavy development time
✗ Multiple data models
✗ Significant upfront investment
✗ Complex to set-up
✗ You have to support onboarding

CSV Upload

✔ Minimal developer time
✔ Normalised data
✗ Very hard to scale
✗ Complex to set up
✗ You have to support onboarding

With Assembly

✔ Minimal developer time
✔ Normalised data
✔ Costs scale with usage
✔ Quick setup
✔ School onboarding managed

Contact Us

Simply complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you, and don’t worry, we aren’t interested in confusing pricing structures, hidden fees, setup costs and minimum contracts.


Fair & Transparent

We constantly strive to provide a sustainable service as cheaply as possible.


Free For Schools

We will never charge schools to use their own data. Schools should feel empowered to own their data; not held to ransom over it.