Data Solutions for Local Authorities

We work with over 65 Local Authorities providing automated school data collection services to support timely and accurate information being in the hands of the teams that need it most. XVault is a central database aggregation platform that supports all major UK MIS’s and can feed data into central Local Authority systems such as Liquidlogic EYES & LCS, Capita ONE, Serverlec Synergy and CACI Impulse.

XVault Data Transfer

XVault provides an end-to-end secure transfer of data that enables central teams to increase the frequency of data transfer between the school and the LA, ensuring pertinent data for leavers, joiners, exclusions, attendance, LAC, FSM and SEND is updated to support wider strategies and requirements.

Managed data

XVault Reporting

XVault Reporting contains around 75 pre-written reports focused on the key areas of information required by LA teams. As XVault is updated daily, these reports can provide regular information for staff that otherwise might need to wait for the central LA systems to be updated, which in some cases may take up to a month.

MIS Agnostic

MIS Data Aggregation

XVault provides a neat solution for those LAs that are seeing an ever-increasing number of different MIS platforms in their school community. XVault supports multi-MIS data collections ensuring that your central data requirements are consistently maintained to support your central teams.

Key Data Partnerships for Local Authorities

Ensuring the secure and timely transfer of education data between schools and local authority central systems is key to the benefits of the XVault solution. By providing an end-to-end solution that supports multiple teams within a council, this ensures that timely and pertinent data is the hands of the people that need it most. 

XVault provides the middle strategic key between multiple MIS platforms in schools and the central systems that exist in the Local Authority.  We support the import of data from XVault into Liquidlogic EYES & LCS, Capita ONE, Serverlec Synergy and CACI Impulse.

xporter partners

Enterprise Identity Management via Xporter Identity​

​With the ever increasing take up of new applications and cloud services in education, the need to manage multiple user accounts and passwords securely and safely provides a real challenge for schools, MATs and Local Authorities. Xporter Identity is an enterprise identity management provisioning platform that dynamically uses the school MIS data to join multiple user account logins under one username and password.​

Xporter Identity is designed to manage multiple usernames and passwords for applications such as O365, G Suite, MS Teams, Google Classroom and other education applications. By using the MIS data as the ‘golden record’, this ensures that users can access multiple applications with just one credential.​ Xporter Identity is also partnered with Apple School Manager, which enables schools to better manage their devices, apps and accounts.

We can support any organisation from a small MAT through to an enterprise level service provider.​

Our Approach to Working with Customers

For larger customer projects, we recognise the importance of implementing a team led by a dedicated Project Manager to ensure that the customer expectations and goals are achieved within the appropriate timescales. Data projects can be complex and require teams across the organisations to have close and trusted relationships to ensure targets are achieved.

Here at Community Brands UK, we have a dedicated Projects Office, with a team of Project Managers ready to work with you and the wider CBUK product teams.

Supporting Your Organisation

The projects office work across all the CBUK products, offering you seamless onboarding, from light tough to fully managed projects. 

We will always provide you with a named Project Manager, offering a single point of contact for you and your organisation, to ensure the focus is on excellent communication during your journey with us.  

Whether you are a small Multi-Academy Trust with a single product or a large Local Authority with multiple products, we are here to ensure the success of your requirements.

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Discover what Local Authorities are saying about Xporter

norfolk county council

Norfolk County Council

“Norfolk County Council’s ambition to provide schools with World Class ICT has been directly supported by Groupcall on a number of occasions.

Together we have delivered some very exciting, leading projects that take advantage of the Xporter product combined with the Systems Interoperability Framework.

We are benefiting from efficiency gains and real savings through the provision of an open interoperability architecture, which Groupcall technology has enabled, allowing new and legacy applications to simply plug in!”

Read The Case Study

warwickshire county council

Warwickshire County Council

“I would consider Groupcall to be one of the most supportive and pro-active companies that I have worked with over the years. They are very receptive to customer feedback and have a genuine understanding of data requirements within the education sector.”

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