We spoke with a Warwickshire team member that has been with the authority for 25 years, 20 of which have been within an MIS support environment. Here, the customer explains why Xporter and XVault were chosen while looking for a solution to support their project implementation. 

MIS for Local Authorities


“We were having problems with our previous product called UPMS to integrate data between school systems and the Learning Platform. It wasn’t particularly reliable and also required a significant amount of support.”

MIS for Local Authorities


“We were aware of Groupcall, now known as Xporter, for quite some time before we looked into using it, as a number of our schools were already using Groupcall Messenger. However, we found out more about Xporter and the functionality behind it when we were considering a change. We had various discussions with Groupcall at conferences. It was obvious from the start that Groupcall knew and understood the requirements of data integration within the education sector.  

 “Xporter was successfully piloted within Warwickshire for 2 months and it was quickly apparent that Xporter and XVault were exactly what we needed to improve the data integration between schools and the LA. Therefore, the decision was made to implement it across the whole of the authority.” 

 “Successful data integration is now business-critical in Warwickshire and is becoming more so on a daily basis. We would not be able to offer the services that we do to our schools or the local authority without the use of Xporter.” 

MIS for Local Authorities


We found the implementation of Xporter completely painless! Groupcall provided comprehensive documentation and full support for the initial installations and continued to work with us to ensure that all future installs could be carried out remotely via our remote management system. Xporter is so much more reliable than our previous product and due to being able to run different data extraction jobs, it enables us to monitor all of them through one interface. Our support team are now confident about data integration within Warwickshire as they know they are using a reliable product. It has removed a ‘big headache’ in terms of ongoing support as very little is required. 

Collect data from schools


Xporter just works and really does do what it says it will! As far as the schools are concerned, they were initially unaware that we had moved to a new product for data extraction, demonstrating how easy and smoothly the installation went. However, they have since commented that their experience of data integration for purposes such as user provisioning has improved significantly and they have much more confidence in the process. The staff are now able to concentrate on improving the data quality plus the use of data by schools and the LA, rather than worrying about the technicalities of how it can be shared.

Building on Success

 “Groupcall are a very proactive company and are responsive to customer needs. Xporter is extremely robust, reliable and rarely needs intervention from the support team. It is so easy to install, upgrade and monitor using our remote management tools, Xporter and XVault has enabled us to easily share data between new and legacy systems. We are working on some very exciting projects with national recognition and we could not have done this without adopting Groupcall’s technology”. 

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