SMARTcurriculum Partner Spotlight

Giulia Tramontana
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This month, our partner spotlight presents SMARTcurriculum – a powerful curriculum-focused analytics tool that keeps senior leaders aware of the spending on staffing and curriculum structure. SMARTcurriculum’s ultimate goal is to help leaders make the important decisions about staff supply, structure, and class provision across the school.  

SMARTcurriculum Ltd began life in 2010 as a consultancy focusing support for senior leaders in creating and leading outstanding curriculum provision. SMARTcurriculum deal with how to lead, structure, resource and deliver outstanding provision. Increasingly, the team found schools saying they found resourcing the curriculum difficult within the budget they are given, so the team began to develop methodologies for analysing and predicting the major spend in terms of the decisions they were making. This has now developed in to the current SMARTcurriculum Analytics tool.  

“We are proud to be registered as a provider of financial support for schools and to have had the privilege to work closely with over 150 schools recently, seeing many achieve a balanced budget and experience a real strength in curriculum intent, implementation through strong leadership.” The team comment.   

“Xporter has enabled us to move the SMARTcurriculum Analytics into a new phase of providing the important analysis more efficiently and with less manual data.” The team comment. “For instance, many schools have multiple systems for managing curriculum and staffing, and you will know the challenges of using multiple spreadsheets to manage shared data. SMARTcurriculum now interacts with your data and brings the dashboards to life with current information.  

“The truth about all schools is that they never stand still, they evolve throughout the academic year, so having current accurate information to be able to respond to opportunities and challenges is important. API data management allows you to focus on a single data entry task so that SMARTcurriculum Analytics can then simply process the information in real-time and show you what is happening and how to plan for future years.” 

“We chose Xporter for two reasons. Firstly, the range of educational software that uses the system is impressive, and shows the quality of service that it provides. The interface that schools will be used to working with is also a key feature here in ensuring that schools can interact with our software. Secondly, we fundamentally believe in the ethics of partnership, and see that the range of relationships that come with Xporter and Community Brands is an incredibly positive value proposition. The quality of communications and interactions with a wider audience is important to us in developing resources that support schools across the country and ultimately internationally.” 

“Being able to interact with our client manager and have a dedicated person from the Xporter team is important. Our software developers have been able to access the technician’s support very easily, and the documentation available to plan and implement is very thorough. We have been at the forefront of the work that we do, which has always meant that there are challenges in accessing the right data. Where others just say it cannot be done, Xporter technicians have looked to understand what we need and explore the growth and scope of data retrieval so that we can do what we need to do. The data used in schools is changing as they look to modern MIS systems, Xporter has been willing to explore the growth and scope of data retrieval which has been very heartening.” 

“Simplicity is what we like best about Xporter; It has been easy to engage. Excellent value for money and very adaptable to work with. I am looking forward to the facility that Xporter provides, opening many doors to the growth of our work with schools regionally, nationally, and internationally.” 

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