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SchoolWorkSpace take on our spotlight this month. SchoolWorkSpace supports schools with administration tasks; their Exams Assist product is a smart solution that saves Exams Officers significant effort and minimises errors throughout the process of setting up and running public and internal exam seasons. Users report SchoolWorkSpace has saved them not just hours but days of effort, the software is easy to use, and they have a brilliant active user community.  

The team at SchoolWorkSpace explain that their business relies on accessing and managing schools’ data held in Management Information Systems. The exchange of data needs to be timely, reliable and secure, as they offer fully GDPR compliant solutions; so, a data integration tool is needed to deliver their services. 

“We were already familiar with Xporter and had used it before on other products, so we knew it was reliable and understood what it could do.” The team comment on why they’ve chosen Xporter as their integration solution. “It offers us the high data confidence so important to us and our customers. Once data sharing is approved, we can onboard schools in a matter of minutes. The process is easy to follow, even for new users. Ease of use and data transfers have allowed us to provide a product that clients have described as game-changing.  

“Our partnership with Xporter means our customers don’t have to worry about sorting out separate licenses, joining up different systems or moving data around. We can provide them with a seamless solution.  

We hope to use the functionality of Xporter to expand our product offering in the near future and look forward to a productive partnership.” 

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