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Giulia Tramontana
Giulia Tramontana
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Our newbie partners at Persona Education are this month’s spotlight stars! Persona Education is a Bristol (UK) based, Innovate UK and Google Cloud-funded impact edtech firm, on a mission to boost young people’s wellbeing, employability, and success. 

Even before the pandemic, self-reported wellbeing among teenagers was on the decline. Covid has made this even worse. Meanwhile, employers are crying out for ‘soft skills’ such as adaptability, communication and problem-solving skills. That’s why Persona Education created Persona Life Skills for students aged 13-19. Persona Life Skills is a student personal development platform for schools and colleges, with a unique personality insights approach at its heart, helping teenagers navigate their life journey by developing social-emotional life skills. 

As of December 2022, 385 schools and colleges in 40 countries – including 150 in the UK – have registered to use Persona Life Skills with more than 107,000 students. Every teacher who has reviewed Persona Life Skills on EdTech Impact rated it “Excellent” or “Great”. And 91% of their students report they learned how to improve the targeted life skills. 

In the platform, students develop 22 Life Skills through a personality insights lens. In the modules they learn to use these to adapt their thinking, communication, and behaviour, achieving more positive outcomes in social, learning and work situations. Persona Life Skills in remote learning as well as in the classroom – important in this post-pandemic age of blended learning. It’s designed to help schools address the lack of specialist PSHE and Life Skills teachers, limited curriculum time, and teacher workload – any teacher can facilitate the learning, contextual teacher guidance is built in, and there’s no marking. 
“One of the biggest challenges any school faces when it comes to edtech is simply getting students logged in, securely.” Says Pete Read, CEO of Persona Education. “When it comes to accessing Persona Life Skills, our partnership with Xporter will make this a problem of the past by connecting us directly with any existing school MIS. 
“The range of MIS Xporter works with is second to none. Finally, as we provide personalised learning, every student has their own account, so data privacy is fundamental, and Xporter takes this as seriously as we do. On top of that, Xporter is more than just an IT supplier – they are already acting as a partner, which is great both for us and for the many schools and colleges who want to start using Persona Life Skills. 
“The best part about the Xporter platform is how it’s state-of-the-art and beautifully simple for schools to use, reducing any friction when a school or college wants to try out our 90-Day Free Trial or get started straight away with a full subscription – for any number of students. 

“One of the biggest challenges within the world of education is the effective delivery of personal development and social-emotional skills for secondary students. This has a direct impact on academic attainment, employability, and success in life. The stakes couldn’t be higher and our partnership with Xporter removes one of the barriers to winning the challenge.” 

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