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Giulia Tramontana
Giulia Tramontana
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pebble partner spotlight

Pebble are the stars of this month’s partner spotlight! Pebble are the innovators of an elegantly designed software suite which allows users to consolidate the management of income, expenditure and sales. If you’ve got multiple systems across different sites, Tali, Trac, and Till work alongside your finance and online payment systems to bring the data together and enhance your reporting and reconciliation.  

  • Tali is an online bookkeeping platform that reports on every penny received or spent by pupils, staff and customer accounts. Users can segment pupils, staff and customers into groups based on their behaviour and use this to steer engagement activities.  
  • Trac is a data insights platform that integrates with your incumbent systems and converts the data into a format which allows you to reconcile and push the data to your finance system accurately.  
  • Till is Pebble’s tablet-based point of sale system. If you want the flexibility to move till points, create pop-up food outlets, and never have to worry about hardware, cables and servers, then this system is for you.   

“As a business we’re all about reducing manual admin, efficiently maximising income, and ensuring users meet audit standards.” CEO of Pebble, Ryan Green says. “Our software suite is wrapped in the caring arms of our support team who are on-hand to assist users whenever they’re needed.  

“Our software suite is all about tracking income, expenditure, and sales against contacts. Be they pupils, staff, visitors, parents, or customers we need to know who they are. A tool like Xporter integrated with our platforms allows access to the contact data within a school’s MIS.   

“We chose Xporter because we already had some successful existing relationships with other Community Brands companies.  We also have a lot of customers in Scotland, and Xporter has a link to SEEMIS which was very helpful in meeting their needs. Partner Manager, Anna Cawrey has been great throughout the process. She’s constantly been available to assist our team in whatever their needs are.  

“So far the partnership experience has been excellent. The bar for expectation has been set high so I’m really hoping it continues as I think this will be a winning arrangement for our businesses and customers alike. ”

Find out more about Xporter or become a partner today!

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