Parents Booking Partner Spotlight

Giulia Tramontana
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Parents Booking is a partner of Xporter’s dedicated to helping schools on the parental engagement and appointment-making fronts. The platform is used by thousands of schools in the UK and abroad. Principally, it helps schools run tens of millions of virtual and in-person parents’ evening appointments.

Parents Booking’s goal is to help schools be the best they can be from a parental engagement perspective. Using technology to encourage greater participation, and lower barriers to access, they are committed to being ground zero for all things that parents need to make bookings for online. In addition to parents’ evenings, Parents Booking helps schools run all manner of virtual and in-person conversations, helps with event, club and trip sign-ups and will be releasing new models in 2022 to further the services it offers schools.

Having started quite literally in a room on a croft in the Highlands of Scotland, Parents Booking was the first parents’ evening system of its type and remains a family-run business. As the children of a teacher and inspired by their Mum’s passion to engage with all her students’ parents, the team have followed her lead and belief that conversations about performance, effort, attendance, targets and setting goals breed greater student success.

“We are enormously proud to support so many schools with these conversations, and furthermore that the personal touch we deliver for our community of customers is amongst our most common praise.

“Student and class data are ever-changing, which is why Xporter and Parents Booking work so well together.” The team at Parents Booking said. “For a decade now, Parents Booking has been able to rely upon Xporter to provide the school data synchronisation that allows schools to set up their parents’ evenings, events, clubs and trips in minutes. The strength of Xporter is how they can now import data from SEEMIS, for whom more than one thousand schools use Parents Booking. This also supports us significantly!

“The team at Xporter are incredibly helpful, friendly and hard-working. We pair up well as partners!”

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