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Giulia Tramontana
Giulia Tramontana
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This December, we are giving the spotlight to our partners at Parentapps. Parentapps is an award-winning education technology company that helps schools overcome the challenges they face with communicating with parents in this modern age. 

While many schools are using ineffective, time-consuming and expensive systems, Parentapps are dedicated to developing tools to change that. They have helped hundreds of schools across the UK and abroad streamline their communication, reduce costs and build meaningful relationships with parents.  

One of the primary differentiators for Parentapps is that they offer all the tools needed for schools looking for an effective way to communicate with parents. The Parentapps Connect app is a free cutting-edge mobile communication app, which also offers payments. Parentapps also offer a fully integrated Parents’ Evening and Club Booking System. Additionally, the Parentapps team includes web designers who design and build Ofsted-compliant and mobile-responsive school websites.

Parentapps are always evolving to offer schools more tools to move all their processes in one central app. Their goal is for schools to no longer log into separate systems or deal with different teams, and let their software do it all intuitively.

The Parentapps Connect app seamlessly syncs data from schools’ MIS systems, and this is where Xporter comes into play. Schools are not required to update their student and parent information in two separate systems. Because of this, new customers can be set up and be communicating with their students’ families in just a week. They’ll be able to communicate instantly, and parents can access everything they could ever need, such as forms, letters, events and term dates on the go. 

Overall, Xporter’s MIS sync is a lot faster to process new or updated information added to the school MIS system, traditionally using a different software the Parentapps team would always recommend to schools to leave the changes overnight, so the system had enough time to process the changes. However, since using Xporter, the team have been noticing the turn-around for the data changes is a lot quicker. 

Parentapps’ favourite feature about Xporter is that SIMS schools now have the opportunity to sync through their Attendance, Behaviour & Achievement reports directly into the portal for schools to view, along with the app itself for the parents to see. Schools are simply required to update their MIS systems and this information will feed directly into their portal.

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