globalbridge Partner Spotlight

Giulia Tramontana
1 minute read

This month the spotlight goes to our partners at globalbridge! globalbridge is a digital learner profile built by teachers, providing young people with a single platform to evidence their skills, talents and achievements beyond exam grades alone. Through the use of multimedia content, young people can showcase themselves fully and connect with future career and education opportunities.  

“We want to use technology to level the playing field of opportunity, bridge the gap between those furthest away from the labour market and support businesses to engage with the future pipeline of emerging talent locally and nationally.” Says Account Manager of globalbridge Russell Paterson. “We aim to widen participation and increase social mobility. 

“We want to make it as straightforward as possible for young people to get set up with their very own lifelong, digital learner profile. Using Xporter will help us to reach more students through their schools, while also supporting teachers and support staff to maintain accurate and up to date records.  

“We are starting to see a lot of interest in globalbridge from schools in Scotland and as Xporter are the only approved provider that work with SEEMiS, it makes sense for us to partner with Xporter so we can reach as many schools and young people in Scotland as possible. Working with Xporter has been great – the communication has been fantastic so far!  

“Even though it’s still very early days for us – once we have fully incorporated the integration into our system and start working with schools to get their students set up on globalbridge, we will be able to discover all the features and additional benefits Xporter and our partnership have to offer.” 

Find out more about Xporter and become a partner today! 

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