DB Education Partner Spotlight

Giulia Tramontana
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DB Partner Spotlight

DB Education create innovative IT systems that automatically collect key data around attainment, attendance, behaviour, engagement and more. This data is then reported centrally via user-friendly, intuitive data dashboards. By providing this often hard to reach data, in an easy to use format directly to parents, students, staff and governors, DB Education allow teachers to focus on the important things; their students. We have asked the team at DB some questions about how Xporter helps their business.

“We pride ourselves on providing always up to date information from a range of sources, including the school’s management information system and virtual learning environment.” Says Matt Doble, one of the co-founders of DB Education. “Using Xporter allows us to quickly import data around things like attainment and attendance from a range of information systems, allowing us to focus on generating a highly usable front end experience.

“We started our working directly with the API for a number of key management information systems, but found keeping this up to date with the various changes took time away from building our end application. Using Xporter has allowed us to get back to the things we love; developing software to improve attainment and outcomes. Through our partnership with Xporter, we are able to utilise ‘big data’ to automatically calculate the impact of interventions, effective seating combinations for students and much more, every night. 

“The best part of our partnership is the ease at which we can roll out Xporter, especially given the number of schools already using it was a real selling point for us. In a matter of minutes, schools can provide us with secure access to the key data we require.”

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