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Giulia Tramontana
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This month, the spotlight goes to our partners at BounceTogether. BounceTogether is an innovative wellbeing and mental health measurement platform that enables schools to evaluate, monitor, and improve the wellbeing of their pupils, staff, and parents. The BounceTogether team say “our mission is to support schools in creating a culture of wellbeing that promotes positive mental health and improved outcomes for all. We are proud to offer schools access to the largest repository of research-based wellbeing surveys, hosted on a platform that is specifically designed to meet their unique needs.  

“Our surveys are tailored to different key stages and wellbeing categories, ensuring that schools can gather accurate and reliable data to support their decision-making. With instant reporting and analysis across key school groups and demographics, our reporting tools enable schools to track progress over time, identify trends, implement targeted interventions, and showcase their impact to key stakeholders.”  

Xporter plays a major role in the development of BounceTogether. “Working with schools,” the team say, “we needed a tool that can connect with the widest range of school management information systems (MIS) to ensure accurate and reliable data is used to give the best possible wellbeing and mental health reports to our schools. We chose Xporter because it has a proven track record of connecting school management information systems to other educational software. The system is robust, secure, and provides a range of features that support our data integration needs. 

“One of the most remarkable moments of our partnership with Xporter was when we recently launched our individual pupil report for schools that integrate their management information system (MIS) data seamlessly with our platform. This enables us to provide these schools with detailed individual-level wellbeing reports for their pupils. These provide schools a comprehensive overview of each pupil’s wellbeing, show progress over time, and empower schools to make data-driven decisions about their wellbeing strategies.  

“What we appreciate most about Xporter is how it enables our schools to integrate their management information system (MIS) data seamlessly with the BounceTogether platform. This integration allows schools to evaluate, filter, and segment pupil wellbeing across different levels within their school, including year groups, classes, and key demographics like EAL, SEND, and free school meals. By providing this level of granularity, schools can identify areas of need and prioritise targeted interventions to improve pupil wellbeing. This integration empowers schools to monitor wellbeing progress over time and make data-informed decisions on their whole school strategy. 

“Overall, we are very satisfied with our partnership with Xporter. Their system has enabled us to provide our schools with accurate and reliable data, improving the quality of our wellbeing and mental health reports. We would recommend Xporter to any educational software company looking for a reliable and effective solution for integrating with school management information systems.” 

Read our guest blog written by BounceTogether: Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children – Why schools should be measuring wellbeing?  

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