SEEMiS Integration

Henry Kilshaw
1 minute read

Your April Update

Xporter’s integration with SEEMiS

Thank you all for your patience, we have made great progress on our integration with SEEMiS! We plan to be going into early-stage pilots for the start of May and will be in touch in the coming weeks to discuss what Local Authorities and schools you have from Scotland in your pipeline wanting access to your product/services. Please watch out for our emails hitting your inbox. 

As part of this process, we are forward planning for onboarding, and will be reaching out to our LA contacts that you have been dealing with wanting to have SEEMiS integration. 

SEEMis Pilot Requirements

As a requirement for the SEEMiS pilot, we will also be releasing our new MAT portal UI which allows for data leads within a trust or la to see a full list of their schools using Xporter, what state they are in terms of health/setup and a new tool that allows for application authorisation in bulk. This new feature will only be available for SEEMiS schools on the initial releases, with a plan to add additional MIS for future releases. 

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