Satchel Partner Spotlight

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Xporter is pleased to present its partnership with Satchel, a learning platform trusted by 1 in 3 UK secondary schools. Xporter has helped the Satchel platform for a number of years by providing access to schools’ MIS.

Satchel is an EdTech company that is specialised in creating award-winning software that supports teachers, students and the whole school on their journey through education. Satchel’s learning platform, Satchel One, is the UK’s number one. The system is equipped with apps that reduce teacher workload. It also helps to streamline various processes from homework and attendance through to behaviour and classroom management.

Satchel’s newest product, Satchel Pulse, is a wellbeing resource that helps schools prioritise teacher and student wellbeing and mental health, whilst complying with Ofsted guidelines.

What Satchel say about Xporter

“We have used Groupcall for the best part of a decade to provide a secure link from our schools’ MIS to our software. With Xporter we are able to provide our schools with up-to-date data in real-time. This way, they can rely on Satchel tools throughout their school day to provide students with a meaningful learning experience.

“The thing we appreciate the most about Xporter is the partner relationship, which has evolved a lot throughout the years. Immediacy is key when dealing with school data. The ability to reach out to you multiple times a day and get timely responses allows us to better help our customers in return.”

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