Guest blog: Prioritising Mental Health in Schools

Giulia Tramontana
2 minute read

The following blog was provided by our partners at Wellbeing First for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Wellbeing First is your on demand AI wellbeing specialist, providing consistent, objective improvements to the lives of your staff and students by generating wellbeing initiatives that target their unique needs whilst considering the time and budget of your school. 

Using our web-based software, Wellbeing First gathers information about the specific needs and challenges of your staff and students through surveys and other data collection methods. This information is then analysed by our algorithms to generate tailored recommendations for wellbeing initiatives that are both effective and feasible for your school. 

But that’s just the beginning. Wellbeing First is also designed to continuously monitor and evaluate the impact of these initiatives, providing you with valuable data and insights that can be used to further optimise your wellbeing strategies over time, as well as meeting requirements for the education staff wellbeing charter. And because our software is always learning and adapting to new data, you can be confident that the initiatives we generate are based on the latest research and best practices.

So what are the benefits of using Wellbeing First? For one, it saves time and resources by taking the guesswork out of wellbeing strategy development. With our software, you can be sure that you’re investing in initiatives that are most likely to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of your staff and students. Additionally, our continuous monitoring and evaluation process ensures that you have access to data-driven insights that can help you make informed decisions about future investments in wellbeing initiatives. Best of all, you can set up in half an hour and commit only a few minutes a month. 

Overall, Wellbeing First is a powerful tool for schools looking to improve the wellbeing of their staff and students. With our unique approach to data analysis and initiative generation, we can help you create a happier, healthier school environment that supports the success of everyone involved.

To find out how Wellbeing First can help your school, contact our founder Ben or contact us via email at: 

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