Introducing Our Partner: Open Kitchens

Henry Kilshaw
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Getting To Know Open Kitchens

Who Are Open Kitchens?

Open Kitchens is a national food solution that brings together restaurants & their communities to fund, produce & deliver free meals to those in need. Their service, MealDash, enables children who live in food insecurity to be given food parcels comprised of the 3 million tonnes which goes to waste in the British supply chain. Their aim is to fix the problem of child malnutrition via the problem of food waste, as an alternative to supermarkets and charities.

How Did Open Kitchens Help Greenwood Academy Trust?

Greenwood Academy Trust identified 740 children who need food most across 4 regions in the UK. 1,780 food parcels weighing on average 12.43kg were delivered directly to the child’s home.

Once individuals were identified, their addresses were loaded into the Open Kitchens database, creating the most effective route. Our system shows progress in real-time, giving clear visibility on the drivers’ location and completed tasks.

Using the Open Kitchens Driver App, the driver goes door to door delivering the food, marking it off as delivered in the app once the job is complete.

The Power of Open Kitchens

Open Kitchens aim to always provide a balanced diet across all food groups, including vitamins and minerals. By using perfectly fresh surplus food that would have otherwise gone to landfill they saved 52 tonnes of C02 emissions. Open Kitchens are dedicated to solving the issue of child malnutrition through their outstanding work, enabling communities to grow and prosper.

If you’d like to learn more about Open Kitchens, take a look at their twitter page here and visit their website here.

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