Product Releases October 2021

Henry Kilshaw
1 minute read

This is our summary of releases that have come out since 1st September. In future, we will be releasing this on a monthly basis.

Platform Updates:

EmergeServer 988

  • [ENH] – Added support for XodHub on Tools tab in Emerge Management Console
    • XodHub connection now shows in  Service Endpoints panel
    • Check box to enable Xodhub within Emerge Management Console

Integration Updates:


  • [NEW] Students – Support for preadmissions and leavers added
  • [NEW] Staff – Roles, DateOfBirth, TeacherNumber data items added
  • [ENH] General – Integration performance and stability improvements
  • [FIX] Resolved issue with “CurrentYearGroup”
  • [FIX] Resolved issue with duplicates in assessment tables


  • [FIX] TimetableRooms overwritten by API response – school.timetables > LessonRooms
  • [FIX] Resolved issue with student emails not pulling through
  • [FIX] MIS Capabilities data incorrect for Timetable
  • [FIX] MIS Capabilities missing for newly added attendance


  • [NEW] Students – Support for preadmissions and leavers added
  • [ENH] General – Performance improvements to attendance sync
  • [FIX] Resolved an issue with TimetableModel missing lesson instances
  • [FIX] Resolved an issue where invalid parameters were being used for data requests to school.attendancesummary
  • [FIX] Update to adjust field being used for Week
  • [FIX] MIS Capabilities data for Photos updated


  • [ENH] General – Improved handling of missing fields from Progresso API


  • [FIX] Resolved an issue with field data types for students


  • [ENH] Timetable – Subjects now referenced directly improving reliability
  • [FIX] Issue resolved for schools.AttendanceForDate
  • [NEW] Staff – included_in_census and ethnicity_code now supported
  • [NEW] Added support for multiple exclusion reasons
  • [NEW] Students – Support for preadmissions and leavers added
  • [FIX] Students – Empty reggroup ‘name’ field issue resolved
  • [ENH] Staff – Refine isTeacher to include codes referenced by Xporter Identity
  • [FIX] Groups – Resolved issue with truncated group types


  • [ENH] General – Integration performance and stability improvements

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