Connecting School Data

Designed for trusts

Xporter provides everything MATs need to connect their school data easily. It’s quick, easy and helps ensure data is always accurate and up-to-date across different apps.

Excellent support

Our friendly support team are always available to help if you need extra technical knowledge or advice on anything data-related.

Build schedules

Built to support you

Xporter works using cutting edge cloud technology to securely link your MIS to all the partner apps you need, while still giving you full control over permissions and data.

Connect any MIS

Xporter integrates with all the major MIS platforms in the UK, and we’re always building new integrations. You can even link multiple schools that use different MIS systems.

How Xporter simplifies MAT reporting

Xporter and XVault enables your Mult-Academy Trust to easily view detailed reports across all of your MIS data, no matter how many schools you have.

To help you demonstrate real improvements and positive impact on education, you can…

  • Automate data aggregation across all schools, regardless of MIS
  • Centralise the collection of MIS data with much less time and effort
  • Get easier access to a central source of key strategic data
  • Quickly identify areas that need attention with reports on key metrics
  • Grow your trust in the future without increasing complexity

Looking for support?

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