Xporter Update – Automated Error Notifications

Henry Kilshaw
1 minute read

Hope you had a wonderful Easter break – to join in on good news of the 12th we have some exciting new support enhancements in place for Xporter! 

Your Update

Proactive messaging – We will introduce 6 new automated error notifications to our platform from the 12th April. This will notify schools that we have experienced an error for the XOD integration. The automated email will provide the error that has occurred and a solution link on how to resolve. 

We also provide a link to raise a case directly with our support team if they require any further assistance in resolving their data sync issues. 

We will continue to introduce additional error solutions to this library throughout the coming months!  

This is in addition to the most common error notification that went live in February – SIMs login 2 Failed: Incompatible Database.


We will continue to add to this library of notifications in the coming months – check out the new articles in our Knowledge Base below: 

  1. Sims login 2 failed network related or instance specific error occurred  
  1. SIMS Processes – Processes Unavailable Exception 
  1. System Argument Exception 
  1. System Type Initialization Exception 
  1. Failed to connect to Xporter local host port 
  1. Xporter Failed – Out of Memory   

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