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Giulia Tramontana
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WeAllBeam spotlight

This month’s Partner Spotlight is dedicated to We All Beam! We All Beam is a mental health app for children of all ages; it provides schools, further education, and universities with a tool to measure and track the mental health of pupils.

We All Beam enables teachers to identify children who need that extra support with the use of instant resources for children. It allows teachers to focus on teaching and reduce the time spent on the preparation of activities. The app is an easy-to-use tool allowing teachers to quickly identify changes in students’ mental health, enabling them to implement solutions.

We have spoken to Founder, Rachel Glasspool, who says: “I am extremely proud of this product; I know that this is a much-needed resource in schools to bridge the gap between those who have an active counselling provision and those who do not. I produced the idea during the Covid-19 pandemic, whilst supporting children therapeutically in my counselling profession. There are so many children who can use this product and get support much earlier.

We All Beam is tailored to all age groups; the primary model has a focus on a set of characters all with their own personality and story. The version for secondary pupils focuses on current issues and provides educational material related to mental health issues.”

Rachel explained the importance of their partnership with us at Xporter. “We need the Xporter tool to export the data to the system. When looking for a product that could help us achieve this, Xporter seemed to be the main product on the market which covered a vast number of MIS systems. This is important for us as we aim to reach as many schools as possible!”

When asked whether there’d been any standouts moments in our partnership so far, Rachel mentioned: “Our contact Anna has been extremely informative and patient during our journey to our live model. My favourite part of Xporter is how straightforward it is to use, enabling quick and easy processes both for our team and the schools we work with.”

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