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This month, we are introducing Pupil Progress for our partner spotlight! Pupil Progress provide schools with exam board specific trackers that calculate grades exactly as the exam boards do, empowering them to understand the human side of data and maximise impact.  

The Founders, Brett and Barnaby, are ex-senior school leaders themselves, who stepped out of working in schools and started Pupil Progress because they wanted to provide a solution to the problems they saw over and over again. For example, schools not having fit-for-purpose tools and systems to track student attainment and progress in a systematic, accurate and efficient way.  

Pupil Progress organise school data in a way that keeps it simple and makes it actionable, helping improve teaching strategies and unlock students’ potential. 

We spoke to Barnaby Grimble, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Pupil Progress, to find out how Xporter aids their business day-to-day. “We use Xporter to keep class lists, student and staff information up to date for schools from information on the MIS on a daily basis, and automatically without any additional admin.” Barnaby says. “This helps to maximise efficiency and remove any unnecessary work for school staff in updating class lists and student and staff information in Pupil Progress. Teachers using Pupil Progress have the confidence that no time is wasted on updating spreadsheets before entering their latest assessment data. 

“The support provided by the team at Xporter ensures that we are able to consistently provide our schools with a high level of service and the access to the data we need across a wide range of MIS platforms. We value the continued high level of service; our monthly account meetings with Anna Cawrey give us confidence that we have someone at Xporter that understands our requirements and is able to advocate for any requests we have for developments. The support team has been responsive to our requests for developments such as supporting new data fields which are important to our specific needs. If day-to-day issues arise, escalation processes mean that we have ways of ensuring priority client issues are particularly swiftly resolved.” 

When asked what his favourite part of Xporter is, Barnaby says: “It’s significantly sped up our onboarding speeds so schools can now be set up and using our system within an hour, rather than taking weeks of back and forth to get the information we need. Once connected to Xporter, teachers can add new courses to their Pupil Progress accounts in a few clicks, reducing workload and admin around entering assessment data.  

“We are keenly aware of the time-pressure in schools having experienced them ourselves for many years. Our whole service is sharply focused on reducing unnecessary admin, maximising efficiency and saving school staff precious time so they can focus on the truly impactful parts of their roles – in the case of teachers, actually teaching! Xporter supports us in achieving this.” 

Find out more about Xporter and become a partner today! 

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Here are some photos of our live partner spotlight at Bett 2024! Our Senior Partner Manager, Rory Cuthbertson, had the chance to interview Pupil Progress’ own Brett Griffin at our stand this year at Bett, to discuss their product and how our partnership benefits both of our businesses and operations.

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