Classoos Partner Spotlight

Giulia Tramontana
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Classoos Partner Spotlight

Introducing our partners at Classoos! Classoos is an accessible, intuitive digital textbook and learning resources platform providing schools and colleges across the globe with textbooks from the major UK publishers. We have asked the Classoos team some questions about how Xporter helps their business.

With the ability to add and share resources, highlight, and add notes within the text, Classoos is more than an e-reader. Their students and educators enjoy the benefits of a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, convenient alternative to paper textbooks. For classroom or remote learning, Classoos ensures users can access their textbooks anytime, anywhere, on or offline. They aim to help schools in their transition to digital and be a key part of the digital jigsaw that will take schools into the future. 

In the first lockdown of 2020, Classoos rolled out their textbook service free of charge to hundreds of schools across the UK, helping students and teachers to mitigate the upheaval of homeschooling. 

“Classoos is a library in your pocket. Available on and offline, students and teachers can access all their digital textbooks from one place with Single Sign-On.” 

“Xporter allows us to automate data transfer between Classoos and the school.” The Classoos team comments. “We use Xporter to set up and update user accounts and teaching sets automatically, and by doing so, it helps teachers to concentrate on teaching rather than logistics/maintenance. Our first few schools in the UK used Groupcall products, so it was an easy decision for us to partner with you. 

“Our schools and ourselves are always impressed on how students automatically receive the new textbooks when they move classes without any discussion or flagging the change. Any escalations are dealt with quickly and competently by our account manager. 

“What we enjoy the most about Xporter is its simple nature. We and our schools don’t need to invest time in maintenance after the setup. It allows our schools to concentrate on teaching, and us on developing our service rather than investing too much in support. As schools move from one MIS partner to another we can be confident that Xporter will work with any new MIS.”

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