A Star Attendance Partner Spotlight

Giulia Tramontana
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A star attendance

Xporter are proud to introduce this month’s partner spotlight: A Star Attendance, the new electronic online attendance officer on the market. A Star Attendance is the first and only attendance monitoring system for schools, designed by practitioners for practitioners. You are guaranteed to never worry about Ofsted again, as utilising the system will support your school attendance to be the best it can be.

We spoke to Jill Robson, Director of A Star: “I’m proud to be a practitioner with over 27 years of experience in school attendance. I had the vision to create an amazing system that’s going to change young people’s lives. Our goal at A Star Attendance is to identify issues that may be impacting attendance as early as possible and recommend interventions, such as home visits, letters and action plans to improve attendance and prevent further decline.”

The new, innovative software makes dealing with pupil attendance easier, as it offers a comprehensive solution to attendance monitoring, tracking, intervention and reporting. It will manage every aspect of pupils’ attendance, without the need to produce endless reports. This unique software program extracts the attendance information you have already recorded in your management information system. This helps reduce the administrative burden and enables attendance and administration staff to focus on supporting pupils with attendance issues.

The A Star system keeps track of student information and actions through a 4-stage monitoring process, including generating individual letters, action plans and surveys at the click of a button. This smart system facilitates the correct actions to be taken at every stage of the process to make things as efficient as possible for the user. A simple process for managing and assigning home and welfare visits, the system organises and tracks home visits and records the outcome with ease in real-time.

“Partnering with Groupcall has been a great success.” Jill comments. “Without Xporter, the system would have taken so much longer to create, not just because of the cost of extra developing, but also the time gaining the knowledge and expertise to connect with every MIS.

“From the start, we were supported through every step, provided a sandbox for developing, designated person to provide us with full technical support and guidance, and set up with a slack account to facilitate seamless communications. The support continues as you grow with Anna, Hafifah and the technical support advisors always making me feel truly supported. They really feel like an extension of my team.

“When looking for an extraction company to partner with, Xporter was the number one choice from the start, being the market leader and guaranteed to connect with all MIS; we were very impressed. What I like best about Xporter is how easy it is to use: five minutes and you can have a connection. Schools really trust Xporter, so there are no issues when mentioning the product. Schools are always confident to share their data with them. Furthermore, technical support is always at the end of a call or email.”

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